Ukrainian children suffer from the war cynically started by Russia. They are forced to leave their homes, sit in shelters for weeks, fall asleep and wake up to the sound of explosions, cross the border on their own and constantly tremble with fear. The war takes away their childhood.

The Dobrodiy Club has always been and remains on the side of young Ukrainians. We fight for every child’s life. And now, thanks to your support, we are responding to their urgent needs promptly. After our victory, we will definitely help the little ones recover and return to a happy childhood.

For convenience and efficiency, we have launched Patreon, where you can become a part of our community.

All your donations will be converted to:

– food and water for children: mixtures for the little ones, puree, porridge;

– hygienic means: diapers, napkins;

– medicines to help them stay healthy;

– clothes;

– transfers to safe places;

– sets of books, plasticine, stickers, pencils. Everything for creativity, to remain a child in this terrible time.

This list will grow with your support. You can easily join and contribute to the good by choosing one of the ranges or donating any amount.

Become our patron, and together we will preserve the childhood of little Ukrainians.