For more than 10 years, Dobrodiy Club has been helping Ukrainian children in need to provide basic needs, receive education and the necessary support for a better future.

The war in Ukraine has completely changed our reality. From the first day of the Russian attack, we started to promptly respond to urgent requests and help children and families who are running away from war.

According to UNICEF, a full-scale war in Ukraine directly threatens the lives and well-being of 7.5 million children in the country. And while the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting for every new day for us, we will fight for every child’s life. And after the victory of Ukraine, we will help the little ones to recover and return to their happy childhood!

Help us save children from a terrible, bloody war and bring back their childhood!

Your donations will be converted to:

– food and water for children;

– hygienic means: diapers, napkins, etc;

– medicines to help them stay healthy;

– clothes;

– transfers to safe places;

– sets of simple children’s joys: books, plasticine, stickers, pencils, all for creativity to support a child in this terrible time.

Thanks to the support of benefactors and the organizing of volunteers, we have already helped over 5 thousand children from the west, east, and north of Ukraine.

The Dobrodiy Club was able to quickly pay for a transfer for a family of 8 children who were in the heart of the war in the Donetsk region. They were leaving their home under attack… Five minutes after they passed over the bridge and it was destroyed. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending, because the kids and their parents are healthy and already safe.

We have given hundreds of boxes of baby food and hygiene products to children.

“The help arrived so on time that we were even surprised. Our station almost ran out of baby food and diapers. Mothers asked for support, but we were unable to help. The day after, in the morning, we have received all the necessary items from your foundation, even for little babies who do not weigh more than two and a half kilos. We have visited them in the neonatal department as soon as we received everything we needed from you. Thank you very much for your work, Dobrodiy Club, you are unbelievable” – shared her emotions a volunteer from Kryvyi Rih Inna.

We also didn’t forget to remind the orphans that childhood continues even in such difficult times and gave them creative kits.

The children smile, believe in a quick victory, and admire our warriors. The boys say: “Eh, I wish I were 18, I would have taken them all…”, – volunteer Dana Brenich says about the children’s moods from orphanages.

Ukrainians who live abroad and want to join can do so. Details for support you can find here.

Together we are a great force that does not succumb to the occupier’s demands. While the boys and girls defend us under bullets, we defend in the rear.