The war forced 2.5 million children to leave their homes and seek refuge in other cities in Ukraine. They lost their comfortable beds where they had the sweetest sleep, their favourite toys they didn’t want to part with, and most importantly, their peaceful, joyful childhood.

Dobrodiy Club does its best to make sure that children from different parts of the country feel comfortable in shelters, are fed, have necessary hygiene products and can do creative work. We also help families with children who are in regions with active fighting. We donate food, baby formula, diapers and other necessary items.

You can help us do good for the little ones. We have created a cryptocurrency wallet:

  • BTC – 12FLF8rhwNR2WA1U2hVzTULkcXgZeF96bZ
  • ETH – 0x355ddb88865ce10fd186892213444bdb397aeca4
  • USDT (TRC20) –TRx89JMh2ezHtyLUCLRHofre7yeAbKejir

You can quickly and reliably make donations to help children suffering from a brutal war.