Ukrainian charity fund “Dobrodiy Club” has presented the results of the all-Ukrainian sociological research “Teenagers and their life during the war: attitudes, values, future”, conducted with the support of the humanitarian organization Plan International. The survey was carried out by the Kantar company among teenagers aged 13-19 from all over Ukraine*.

The results of the research demonstrate key issues the young people in Ukraine are most worried about, whether they have enough support, how they see their realization and where they plan their future.

For 87% of teenagers, the biggest changes in their lives happened during the full-scale war, 83% of respondents want to learn how to support themselves during the hard times, and 90% want to be useful for Ukraine during the post-war reconstruction. 

“This study is a chance to see what the youth’s request is to the rest of Ukrainian society today. What challenges do teenagers face, and what changes did the war bring to their lives or outlook? We see that teenagers who are currently staying in Ukraine are doing it quite consciously. They experience all the difficulties on a par with adults and are ready to take responsibility for their future. This gives hope for the future,” — says the founder and head of the “DobrodiyClub”, Mariia Artemenko.

Even though the war is a key concern for teenagers, 93% of them believe in their own strength and 90% are making efforts for self-realization. Almost 70% know what they want to become in the future, although for the majority it is difficult to plan anything for a long period of time. However, young people want to feel more supported in their endeavours: 59% of teenagers would like their parents, friends or teachers to support them more.

“Today, adults need to listen to teenagers, because we have a different outlook on life. As we always learn from adults, so they can learn from our generation”, – notes Kyrylo Peredrii, a 12-year-old journalist from Pokrovsk (Donetsk region).

During the full-scale war, 43% of the respondents have already volunteered: Collected funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, made camouflage nets, helped to pack aid, and cooked or distributed food. In addition, young people believe that during the post-war reconstruction of the country, they can become useful by developing the economy and infrastructure, and also through volunteering.

“So far, the international donor conferences on Ukraine’s reconstruction and recovery, have not taken young people’s perspective into consideration and not even considered their needs. For our work it is a must to listen and learn from young people’s ideas and their priorities for reconstruction efforts.  Their voice is important in shaping the present-day and future Ukraine”, — shares Mia Haglund Heelas, the Director for Plan International in Ukraine.

The research will be useful for everyone who works with teenagers, rises or teaches them, implements projects and services for young people because the results reveal the opinion of a generation that will determine the future of Ukraine in the next few decades.

Full version of reserch in English you can find here.

About research

A comprehensive all-Ukrainian sociological study “Teenagers and their life during the war: attitudes, values, future” was conducted by the Kantar company in the following stages: qualitative (four online focus groups lasting 90 minutes each with teenagers aged 13-19. Geography: Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Dnipro), quantitative (survey of youth 13-19 years old, 600 people. Method: F2F, questionnaire — duration 20 minutes. Geography: cities of Ukraine, 50K+).

About ” Dobrodiy Club”

The charitable foundation “Dobrodiy Club” is an all-Ukrainian charitable organization that has been helping children since 2016. During the full-scale war, the Dobrodiy Club works in two directions: emergency help for families with children who are on the brink of survival; childhood support – improving the emotional state and mental health of children and adolescents through creativity and social-emotional support activities.

About Plan International

Plan International is an independent humanitarian organization that promotes children’s rights and, in particular, girls’ equality, and operates in more than 75 countries. The organization strives for a just world, working together with children, young people, it’s supporters and partners.