Support Ukrainian children on the day of the christening of little David and Victor


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Dear Family and Friends,

The arrival of a child is a big joy in a family, the arrival of twins, is a unique adventure of double joy and trouble. To celebrate our double blessing, on 21st of May, Victor and David will be christened in the church “Saint Jean du Grund”.  

As asked already, please don’t bring any gifts for the twins, they are happy and have everything a child would need. As we are trying to teach them to share, they would be happy if you will make a donation for the Ukrainian children supported by Dobrodiy Club.

Dobrodiy Club is a local charity in Ukraine which is supporting children from orphanages. Specifically, during the war time, the foundation helps children and families cover basic needs: warmth, food, arranging living spaces, paying for transfers to safe places, distributing toys and creative kits for childhood. 

Please note that the donations are on voluntary basis and if you decide to contribute, it will go directly to the account of the charity. You can donate through the website, PayPal ([email protected]) or make a bank transfer with David and Victor’s names.

We only raise by lifting other people. We as parents believe that the donations to Dobrodiy Club will make a small difference in the lives of children who are less fortunate these days and this would be a bless for David and Victor to have supported them indirectly as well.  


Victor, David, Elena and Olivier



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