Sciences Po community is collecting money for Ukrainian children in the humanitarian crisis due to the war waged by Russia in Ukraine


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ціль 40 000 грн

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ABOUT Dobrodiy Club:

Dobrodiy Club – an all-Ukrainian charitable organization, which helps children since 2011. The fund was officially registered in 2016. Maria Artemenko is the founder and leader on a volunteer basis. In peacetime, the main focus of the foundation’s activities is the education and mentoring program.

During the war, Dobrodiy Club helps children in two ways:

  • EMERGENCY HELP FOR FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN who are on the brink of survival (food, essential hygiene products for children, baby food).  
  • SUPPORTING CHILDREN DURING THE WAR. To help bring back the joy of childhood, Dobrodiy Club provides free creative classes for children and teenagers, art therapy, etc.


At Sciences Po from 20.02 to 24.02 will take a place a series of events launched by Ukrainians where you will be able to discover Ukranian voices and glimpses. And, furthermore, discover the Ukrainian perspective in terms of different socio-political aspectsof the war within society, private and public sectors.

Lineup of the week: 

  • 20.02-24.02 – Art exhibition of Ukrainian photos from the war and about the war at Petite Hall
  • 24.02 Day of voices from Ukraine:


13:10-13:50:  Inna Sovsun (25 min per speech, 15 min per Q&A)

14:20 – 15:00: Mychailo Wynnyckyj (25 min per speech, 15 min per Q&A)

15:10-15:50: Dmytro Lyvch (25 min per speech, 15 min per Q&A)

16:00-16:40: Petro Burkovskiy (25 min per speech, 15 min per Q&A)

16:50- 17:30: RO3KVIT (25 min per speech, 15 min per Q&A)

17:40 – 18:20: Ivanna Stradner (25 min per speech, 15 min per Q&A) 


  • 24.02, 19:00 – Art performance « Confession d’une Ukrainienne »
  • 24.02 – Immersive exhibition “War Up Close

Event 365 DAYS OF WAR IN UKRAINE is by Ukrainians, from Ukrainian perspective for the international community of Sciences Po. 


And during the war Ukrainians and the whole democratic world showed the extremely high level of solidarity, cohesion and bravery. One of the main outputs from the war is a norm to help the people around you. No matter who they are, the only matter is what they are fighting for: for a bright future, their home, peace on their land and the maintance of the peace in Europe and all over the world. 

So apart from information and exhibitions during the event, we invite you to support Ukrainian society, especially children who are tackling the humanitarian crisid due to the war: 

If you can’t donate money on that page, please use the paypal on our site: [email protected], examples of impactful sum of money you can gift for Ukrainians: 

  • hat 250 UAH –  10  EUR
  • hot water bottle in a cover 500 UAH –  13 EUR
  • sleeping bag 1300 UAH – 33 EUR
  • the whole set is 2050 UAH – 51 EUR

Each donate matters: 1, 3, 5 EUR – it is a contribution to the support of childhood during the war and ability to bring happiness to childern even during the darkest times.

Our aim is to collect 42 000 UAH or 1000 EUR.

P.S. If you have problems with payment by foreign bank cards, try to send your donation to PayPal: [email protected]

Thank you for your support! We all win because of solidarity and help that we provide to each other!

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