Let’s contribute to resistance of Ukrainian childhood during the war waged by Russia in Ukraine


1 375 грн

ціль 23 000 грн

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My name is Anja Greenwood and when I found out I had been given a “Good For Age” spot to run the London Marathon on 23rd April this year I wanted to use it to do some good and help a worthy cause. I am a vet in north London (Hills Vets in Crouch End), U.K. and was inspired to raise money for Ukrainian children by a veterinary colleague (Liudmyla) who fled Ukraine with her young son at the start of the conflict. Liudmyla has been so strong and resilient and never complains or moans despite everything she and her family are going through. I first heard about the Dobdrodiy club itself when watching Comic Relief on TV with my two sons. The video footage shown of the charity workers making and distributing creativity boxes for Ukrainian children caught up in the conflict brought tears to our eyes.

This will be my third ever London Marathon but the last time I ran this one was over two decades ago when I was a vet student! I did run the Manchester Marathon in 2021 however so I do remember how tough they are. I have been training for many months but it will really give me added strength on the day to know that I am helping such a wonderful cause.

I have set a target of £500 (23 000 грн) and it would be amazing if together we can reach this. We will collect on the humanitarian needs of children on the de-occupied  from russia territories in Ukraine.

I encourage you to save Ukrainian childhood together, because children are our future and it’s in our power of adults to protect it and make it better!

P.S. If you have problems with payment by foreign bank cards, try to send your donation to PayPal: [email protected]

Or please use the liqpay on our site: https://eng.dobrodiy.club.

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